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inefficient operations: elevated content production expenses contribute to our competitors' steep pricing. limited scope: operations reliant on human expertise often face difficulties in comprehending and conveying your brand and industry accurately. delays: the content creation process can be time-consuming and unwieldy, resulting in delayed completion and unmet deadlines.


Seamless AI, Authentically Yours
KLOK specializes in fine-tuning custom technologies tailored to the unique needs of each brand, ensuring a personalized and innovative solution for every client.
AI Empowered, Human Perfected
KLOK's tailored technologies eliminate generic AI problems. Our methods, crafted for each client, address unique challenges, guaranteeing a seamless experience.
Obtain High-Volume Content in Short Time
KLOK’s creative minds focus entirely on unleashing full creativity in AI-based content , saving our clients valuable time and resources while consistently delivering top-tier, high-volume content.
Accelerate SEO Triumph, Get There 3x Faster
KLOK quickly places clients ahead in SEO competition. Through efficient mass production, including brand voices, we provide cost-effective, high-quality content to accelerate their success.


We decided to collaborate with KLOK to publish our content in a fluid, complete, information-rich, and grammatically correct manner, at the right time. Querying feedback from an engaged team allowed us to review and internalize our completed content rather than spend time drafting. Our experience was flawless.

In line with the titles and keywords we targeted, our website started to rank high in search engines at a significant pace. Both the speed and care in creating the content and the fact that the content did not require an editorial touch when delivered to us gave us significant momentum in reaching the level we wanted in the titles we targeted.

Duygusu Ocaklıoğlu
Head of Ads&Events
Marketing Türkiye

We have radically changed our content creation processes by collaborating with Klok with its artificial intelligence-supported content production solution. In this way, we could provide more news to our community and reach a wider community.

The team fully understood our needs and developed a tailor-made solution for us. They were always open to our requests and proactively produced solutions. In this way, we learned to use artificial intelligence technology in the best way and managed to optimize our content production processes.

Korhan Kurt

We would like to thank them very much for establishing the artificial intelligence control system for the content in the Acıbadem project. Team dialogue and work completion are very fast. Agency support was also very useful, a partnership that we will work with for many years emerged - this was reflected in the numbers, we achieved a 500% growth and it directly affected the turnover.

Furkan Eren
Head of Digital Marketing
Acıbadem Healthcare Group

Our collaboration with KLOK for SEO content production, and their ability to produce branded content and deliver customized solutions has significantly enhanced our digital presence.

Compared to its competitors, in the short term, KLOK brought high traffic and throughput to Novus.

Egehan Asad
Novus ASI